Krafty Flicks

These workshops are a result of a partnership between two established community art organisations with extensive experience in working with young people.

Having recently completed its third successful year, this project has involved pupils from five local primary schools in the Wednesbury area. Each school has sent up to 60 KS2 pupils and spends a week’s residency at a venue which is intended to help enhance the pupils’ experiences and remove them from the familiarity and comfort zone of their school environment. The pupils spend the week gaining unique experiences and skills from working alongside professional artists in various differing art elements. These have included Visual Art workshops, Costume workshops, and Film and Animation workshops.

Each year the project has been tailored to incorporate and cover any specific requirements within the curriculum and any special requests from the schools.

In previous years we have had projects inspired by different subjects, from the Mappa Mundi to Changing Britain in the 20th century. All achieved whilst utilising the medieval Manor House in West Bromwich as the back drop for our workshops location.

Over the years the project has allowed pupils to engage with their creativity and has enabled them the opportunity to create numerous animated and live action short films, medieval monsters, costumes, scenic backdrops and props. Everything is researched, designed, written and eventually made by the pupils themselves with the guidance of the Artists involved.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of being involved in a similar project or are interested in discovering more information please contact us.